Spontaneous or rehearsed – before filming your epic performance consider the following:

What are we looking for?

  • We want to be gobsmacked by your bathroom singing talent, so whether you’re pitch perfect, or have a voice that makes your cat yowl in protest, it’s your personality, effort and originality we’ll be looking for
  • Choose your song from whatever music genre you fancy – opera, power-ballad, pop, rock, punk, rap, garage, country, blues, r&b, ska, hip-hop, original – in fact anything but jazz and folk..!
  • Ok, go on then, including jazz and folk – and we promise you won’t be penalised

What we’re NOT looking for!

  • Remember this is a fun event so please don’t push the boundaries of decency – keep it squeaky clean – thank you
  • All dubious entries will be disqualified and flushed down the digital loo

One last thing…

  • Entries to be around 90 seconds and no longer than 2 minutes
  • All entrants must agree to their entries being shared on social media

Now get filming...